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1. Are you looking to personalise your trophies, medals and badges?

We can now very easily personalise our standard Cups, Shields and Medals with your own designed decals (printed badge on a self adhesive backing and protected by soft acrylic UV resistant polydome) if required.



2. Are you looking for your own School or House metal pin badges?

We have been making pins for over 100 years and so are very confident that we can provide you with a very smart pins that will make your school proud.


Pins can be used in many ways:

  • form part of the school uniform

  • used to raise money for charitable events, or specific school projects..

  • Generate school shop revenues

  • reward achievement or to acknowledge a person's responsibility


  • ​School matriculation or leavers badge


3. Are you looking for a specially printed name badge for your staff or visitors?


We have a dedicated factory in Manchester who pioneered the design and manufacture of plastic namebadges.

We still offer the most comprehensive range of badges in the UK so we are sure that we will be able to suit your needs. We can also name them for you or you can name them yourself.

     If you like to see how we make our badges, you can find a video here
     Having difficulty choosing a type/style of name badge, we have a dedicated website to help you choose here

Interested in history?  see some badge related links from our Fattorini webpage timeline:

     1964 A new badge born
     1980 Computers OMG
     2011 School badge in space

There are other items in our timeline that you may find interesting or amusing. Schools are welcome to use this information for educational use.

4. Are you looking for something a little different from the norm?

We can also provide free quotations and designs for products according to your specification. For example:

  • Bespoke Medals - with your own logo applied. Special medals to your design

  • Metal badges - House logos, special titles, special award

  • Acetate button badges

  • Embroidered badges - not our speciality but we can arrange this for you

  • Goods for sale in your shop - Pin badges, keyrings, cufflinks, rubber badges, shopping tokens and more



5. Are you looking for a bespoke badge that you need NOW!


  • Metal printed badges - (our AP range) cost effective custom badges for low quantities and a quick turn-around. Ideal also for communicating a simple message or identifying small groups of students. You design it, ..kaboom!..we make it, we deliver it!...



We can also provide free quotations and designs for products according to your specification. For example:

As manufacturers we can offer you all sorts of other things - just ask!

If this interests, please complete the simple form below and attach any motif, school motto, or coat of arms you wish to include on the design (Please note that we are unable to accept Microsoft Publisher files). We will contact you as soon as possible with a quotation and artwork produced by our designers.

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