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Fattorini have been making school badges, trophies and awards for over 100 years.

Our school team motto is to "help teachers motivate children" so it is important to us that the Awards and products that we offer you are of good quality, good value and that they last.. 

What’s New

Frustrated with limited colours and titles? We have pioneered a new badge whereby we can offer you a S6 (Shield), S9 (Oblong) and S4 (rectangle) school badge in 16 colours as standard and can be titled as required - without the need for new tooling.

The lettering will be in either white or black as standard (depending on the colour). If you would prefer to have metallic lettering, then this is possible too, but you will needs to contact us. The prices of metallic lettering printed badges will only be marginally more to allow for the administration costs.

Metal printed badges page here


Our history (in brief)

Thomas Fattorini are a 190+ year old family run and owned manufacturing business based over three sites in the UK. We specialise in the design and manufacture of beautifully crafted bespoke items in all materials from precious metals to plastics and ... we have been making school badges and awards for almost 100 years.

If you would like to know more about our company you can visit our main website "about us page"  here. This page includes a "timeline" starting from 1826, when Antonio Fattorini was trading as a jeweller, to more recently when Prince Charles came to visit our factory. The timeline includes entries such as :

  • 2014 Royal visit
  • 2011 (School) Badge in space
  • 1980 Arabian delights
  • 1974 the first Telex
  • 1972 Tutankhamun
  • 1964 Bew badge born
  • 1941 The Blitz
  • 1939 The time capsule
  • 1937 Winston Churchill invoice.
  • 1912 Wake up!
  • 1868 Skipton Shop
  • 1826 Antonio

If you do find the timeline interesting or relevant, you are welcome to use the contents for educational purposes.

For example .. See a school badge in space here

I hope we are able help you and that you find this website easy to use.

Our 1925 School leaflet

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